About TDS

The Dance Studio was developed in 2018 in response to a need for quality technical and expressive dance training which focuses on fostering partnerships and connections with industry professionals and creating opportunities for young, driven dancers. With this at the forefront, TDS promotes training for industry, focussing on innovative teaching methods, dance trends and modern concepts to develop students as individual artists.

At TDS students can study many genres of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, strength and conditioning, acrobatics, commercial and hip hop. In addition, elite training programs (ETP) are available to selected students. TDS provides two different class structures, one where students’ technical ability is developed through rigorous and structured ‘skill based’ training, and one where focus is placed on learning and refining choreography to enhance overall performance, musicality and artistry skills.

All classes and programs at The Dance Studio are held in a state-of-the-art studio which was completed in 2017 and is equipped with a professional dance floor, ballet barres, air conditioning and floor to ceiling mirrors.

TDS is known for its high quality in coaching and conduct and participants (and families) are held accountable to the same values and standards. This program fosters a sense of belonging to a team as well as building life-long skills such as resilience, determination, discipline, teamwork, collaboration, an understanding of personal grooming and appearance, commitment and organisation.

TDS aspires to build hardworking artists and athletes, who are confident to find their own unique movement style and have the ability to express this.


The Dance Studio Mission

At The Dance Studio we pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest quality of dance training with a strong focus on the growth of the individual. Whilst being committed to supporting each student to achieve their potential, The Dance Studio fosters a special culture where students are valued and appreciated, and where students, staff and parents are part of our family.

Underpinned by a modern and professional approach, The Dance Studio is committed to providing dance training in a safe and supportive environment. The Dance Studio ensures that the students’ best interests are at the forefront of all decisions and judgements. 

By developing confidence and creativity we are equipping our students with the relevant skills to navigate life in the 21st century. Furthermore, we are developing specific dance skills to a level that is required of those students wishing to pursue careers in the dance industry.


Our Team

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