Casual Program

The TDS Casual Program offers pay as you go classes with no lock-in contract. TDS Casual dancers are invited into our studio events and can opt in to participate in our end of year show. This option is perfect for those dancers who wish to trial a little bit of dancing, or those who wish to add more than what they are currently doing at their ‘home’ studio. We welcome new dancers at any point throughout the season and are excited to have you in our team.

Please Note: the following classes are not available for casual students!

  • Acrobatics (unless taking multiple other classes weekly so we can ensure the participant’s strength)  
  • Pointe
  • Audition based classes

Casual passes can be used at any time throughout the year, excluding holiday camps or workshops. 

All passes purchased in 2020 will expire at the completion of the 2020 season.

Register For Casual Classes Here.......
Casual Class x 1
Class Pass x 1
Valid for 1 x class session
$ 16.50
Casual Class x 2
Class Pass x 2
Valid for 2 x class session
$ 30.00
Casual Class x 5
Class Pass x 5
Valid for 5 x class session
$ 67.50
Casual Class x 10
Class Pass x 10
Valid for 10 x class session
$ 120.00
Casual Class x 20
Class Pass x 20
Valid for 20 x class session
$ 210.00

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